South Africa, Zimbabwe, & Botswana

       {Wanderlust Wednesday}

I’ve decided to add some posts about our travels.  We have been to some pretty awesome places over the last few years.  I’ll start with our most recent and work my way backwards over the next few weeks.

Most people have dream trips that they always want to go on. Africa was mine. I have dreamed about this trip for years. I think the main draw was the nature part of it. I’m a HUGE animal lover and have watched nature shows on T.V. since I was a little kid. This past August my dream finally became a reality. I had researched and planned this trip for about 2 years. After many days and hours I finally came up with an itinerary I was satisfied with. We would spend 6 days in Cape Town, South Africa, where we would visit the Cape of Good Hope, see the penguins at Bolder Beach, go cage diving with the great white sharks (something my husband wasn’t too thrilled about doing), go on a wine tasting tour, go to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner, go to the V&A Waterfront, and see Table Mountain. Next, we would head up to Zimbabwe for 3 days where we would see Victoria Falls. Our final stop was in Botswana where we would spend 6 days on safari in two different camps, one in Chobe and the other in the Okavango Delta. The trip was beyond amazing…better than I could ever imagine. Not only were the landscapes breath-taking and the animals magnificent, the people were amazing. Everyone we met was so friendly and I loved listening to their stories about their lives in Africa. I can not even put into words the awesomeness (is awesomeness even a word?) of this trip.  I took over 3500 pictures on this trip and since a picture is worth a thousand words…I’ll just show you.  And even the pictures can’t truly capture the awesomeness of the trip…but I’ll show you anyway.  Here are a few of my favorites….and this was hard to whittle it down to these few photos because I have soooo many favorites.

South Africa



























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I loved everything about Africa and I am sad that our trip is over.  One day I would love to return.  Where have you traveled?  What was your favorite trip?  What’s your dream trip?

Not all those who wander are lost,


Life’s a Beach

sandwatermarkThis is another wanderlust creation.  My love of travel can be found all around my home.  This is a super easy project and a great way to keep track of different beaches that you visit.Image

All you need is a mason jar (the taller the better), clear labels, and sand from the beaches that you visit.


I started with sand from the town where I live.  If you don’t live by the beach, just start with your first trip.  You may want to start with your honeymoon or another special trip.  I printed the location and the date on labels using Microsoft Word and just cut the labels to size.  As I visit another beach, I add another layer of sand.  I love comparing the color of the sand from different places.  I keep this jar on my mantle and enjoy watching it fill up.


Happy Travels 🙂

DIY Shell Planter

I have lots of plants in my house and like to get a little creative with the pots I keep them in.  Since I love and live near the beach a lot of my decor has a beach theme.  ImageMaterials: clay pot (any size), paint, paintbrush, shells (store bought or if you’re a beachcomber like me, your beach treasures), glue gun, glue

ImageYou can start by painting the upper rim of the pot any color you like.  I chose white but a sea foam green or light turquoise would look great too.  Once the paint is dry just start hot gluing the shells all around the pot.  I think I know the title for my next post…”Hot Glue Guns : DIYers Friend or Foe”  Don’t get me wrong, I love my hot glue gun but I can never seem to escape getting a blister every time I use it.  Tip: Start with the larger shells and then fill in the empty spaces with smaller shells.  Feel free to overlap the shells.  Keep adding shells until the pot is completely filled.  Really there is no way to mess this up…just play around with it until you are happy with the result.  ImageYup, there’s Daisy again…she follows me wherever I go.

ImageThis little fellow, my fat happy Buddha, I got at a jade market on our trip to Hong Kong last summer.  I think a person’s home should tell their story.  Almost everything I display is my house was either made by me, made by a family member, or a memento from a trip.  I like that everything is personalized and has a story behind it rather then mass produced in a factory.

Happy creating 🙂

Where in the World?

I am a wanderlust.  I love to travel anywhere and everywhere.  I can’t get enough of it.  Some people collect cars.  Some people collect coins.  I collect experiences.  I collect stamps in my passport.  I collect pins on my map. I would much rather do something than have something.  For every birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc. my husband always asks what I want.  My answer is always the same… I don’t want a physical present.  Sure gifts are great but I’d rather have an experience.  A trip (near or far), a broadway show, a day spent together doing anything really.

Anyway back to travel.  We have gotten to see some pretty awesome places on this earth and a lot of my DIY inspirations are because of our travels.  This project was super easy and it’s always fun to add another pin to our map.

ImageMaterials: bulletin board, acrylic paint, map, pins, card stock

I painted the bulletin board white and then sponged on a little tan to make it look a little aged since the map is a vintage style.  After the paint is dry, just staple the map to the bulletin board.

I printed the title on card stock and then burned the edges to make it look a little bit aged.  (I recommend doing this close to a sink just in case.  The paper can burn very quickly…we don’t want any accidents.)


Now you’re ready to start adding pins to your map.  The blue are domestic travels and the red are international.  You can use any colors you like.




Happy pinning!