New Year, New Blog Post

Happy New Year! 2018!! How did that happen? I feel like life has been on fast forward lately.  In the last five years we bought a house, got another dog, had not one but two babies that are 20 months apart, have done massive renovations to the house and a partridge and a pear tree! I’ve spent the last couple years adjusting to my new role as mommy and trying to figure it all out.  In the last year, I have been trying to find a balance. I finally feel like I can start getting back to who I am as me and not just as a wife and mother.  I have never really been big on making New Year’s Resolutions…the whole making one and never sticking to it thing… yada, yada, yada. But this year I have some goals in mind for different areas of my life…I didn’t want to make a New Year’s Resolution per se but more of putting intentions out into the universe.  I decided to make a vision board since it includes some of my very favorite things…visual reminders…check, images of things that make me happy…check, corny inspirational quotes…check checkity check!

I went to my guru for all things that are creative….Pinterest.  I searched for different quotes I found inspiring and created a board for my digital vision board.  I then found an app called Canva where you can search for different images and then edit them to write whatever you want on the image.  I love how this allows you to make each image and quote so personal.  These are some of the images I created using the app.IMG_4817

After I had all my images created, I used another app called TurboCollage to make a collage of all my photos.

My hope is that by mindfully setting intentions of what I want the year ahead to look like for me, these intentions will come to fruition.  So here it is…my 2018 Digital Vision Board.


May the year ahead be filled with everything you hope it to be!



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