Playroom Reveal

We recently remodeled the basement and created a space for a playroom for our son and daughter who will be arriving in June.  I had looked at different pictures of playrooms online and on Pinterest and had a good idea of certain elements I wanted to include in the room.  I also wanted to have some sort of organizational system to attempt to keep the room organized (we’ll see how long that lasts!)  I also wanted to leave room to add different elements as the kids grow such as a kitchen, work bench, train/lego table, and a dress up area.

One of the areas I wanted to include was a reading corner.  I wanted to make it cozy and inviting with access to a lot of books.  I got this teepee and rug on Etsy.  The sheepskin rugs inside the teepee are from Amazon.  I also saw them at Ikea.  The bookshelves are from Etsy.  They came in a natural wood color and I painted them white. All of the pillows are from IKEA, Amazon, and Target.



I made the felt ball garland that is on the teepee.  I ordered the felt balls from Amazon and just strung them together.


The prints in the frames are from Etsy and the frames are from Amazon.

Here’s a tip for when you’re hanging more than one object on the wall. Trace the frames onto paper and cut them out and then tape them on the wall to see how you like the placement.  This saves you from drilling unnecessary holes in the wall if you don’t like the original placement.


I made the alphabet banner using index cards and alphabet stickers I got from Michaels.  I got mini clothespins from Amazon to attach the index cards to the rope.


I made this garland using paint chips so it was very inexpensive to make.


I had different size circle punches that I used and just glued them to the crochet thread.

The other major area of the playroom is the are center.  I wanted a place where the kids would be able to create art and have a place to display it.  After searching Pinterest, I decided a gallery wall would be the best way to display their artwork.


I got most of the wood frames at Michaels and painted them different colors. I also glued clothes pins onto the frames so I could easily display artwork and it could be changed easily.


For the two clothespin displays, I painted some wood that I had white and glued colorful clothespins to it.IMG_2695

I also created some of my own art to add to the gallery wall.


This pencil is from Etsy.


When hanging a gallery wall, especially one with so many elements, using my paper trick is a BIG help.  I am always moving different things until I am happy with the placement of everything.


Another trick I use is to put these velcro tabs on the back of each object after they are level so that they don’t move.


I left space on the right to hang baby girl’s name after she is born.


The wall decals that say Masterpieces and Collin’s name are also from Etsy. The chalk/magnet board is also from Etsy.


The table and chairs are KidKraft and the rug under the table is from


I made this rag valance using material from the Hello Bear fabric collection which I got on Etsy.




The world map is a decal from The Lovely Wall on Etsy.

The blue felt board to the left of the TV is from Amazon.  The storage shelves are from IKEA and the colored bins are from Target.IMG_2716

The rug in the middle of the room is from Land of Nod.


One of the other great things about the playroom is the walk-in closet for toy storage.


I created labels for all of the bins in an attempt to stay organized.


Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Imagine, play, create,