St. Patrick’s Day Bunting


I’ve been on a crafting spree.  When Collin is napping I use that time for some me time…so I craft.  This project was really easy to make.



no sew fabric glue 

painters tape



First I just cut 5 burlap triangles.  Make sure to leave a little extra room on top to fold over the twine.  Once you have your flags cut, decide on a pattern you want to paint on the burlap.  I kept it simple and decided on green stripes and gold dots but a chevron pattern would be cute too.  For the stripes I used painters tape to mark the stripes.


Once you have the tape on the burlap just paint the burlap that is showing green.  Do not paint the part above the first tape line because you will be folding that over later.  This is the paint I used for the project but you could use any thing you have.


Let the paint dry completely before removing the painters tape.

I freehanded the polka dots using the Liquid Metal first.  After that was dry, I went over it with the glitter paint.


After the paint is completely dry, use the no sew fabric glue to attach the flags to the twine.  Squeeze a line of the glue along the top of the flag and fold around the twine.  Press down to make sure it is secure.

 IMG_7598                            IMG_7599

I hung the bunting from the shelf in my dining room.



Luck & blessings,


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