Gender Reveal Party

It’s a……

Ok so I know I have seriously been neglecting this blog and this post is way late…like 4 months late. I will do better. We have tons of exciting projects going on right now and I promise I will share them all.

So back in May we invited our family over for a gender reveal party. I was 15 weeks pregnant and lucky for me my sister is a soon tech so I was able to get a bunch of sonograms to get a peek at our little one. My sister was able to tell whether Baby B was a he or she at 15 weeks. She did the soon on Wed. and we had to wait until Sat. for the party to find out. It was the slowest 3 days!

My sister called the bakery by our house and ordered a cake with the appropriate color as the filling.


The morning of the party I decorated with pink and blue and made a chart where everyone could write their guesses.


I guessed boy and Steve guessed girl.


Everyone held champagne the color of their guess when we were cutting the cake.


Finally it was cake cutting time! It was so exciting.

IMG_4837 IMG_4838

BLUE! Baby B is a boy!!! I had a gut feeling for weeks that it was a boy and I was right.


The next day was Mother’s Day and Steve and i were wearing blue for our boy.

IMG_4846  IMG_4850

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