Valentine’s Day Decor

Valentine's Day DecorCabin fever = lots of time for DIY and craft projects around here.  I’ve been busy with a bunch of projects…the rosette wreath, the love blocks, the conversation hearts, the heart string art (tutorial to come) and a few other non Valentiney projects.

We put these shelves up in the dining room just before Christmas and I’m enjoying changing the decor for each holiday/season.  Here’s the Christmas decor.  Most of the things on the shelves I made or bought in Home Goods and The Christmas Tree Shop (My new fav place!).  I have bookcases down in the basement that I keep home decor that I don’t want to keep out all the time but plan on changing out depending on the season.  It’s like going shopping in my own house!


Here are the shelves…and I’m just going to overload you with pictures now.




vshelf1 vshelf3 vshelf6 vshelf5

Topiaries are all the rage right now…like these and these.  Those are beautiful…but the price is not… so I decided to make my own.  I found the top part of these at Home Goods for $6.99 and painted clay pots that I got at Michael’s for $1.99.  I like that price much better.


And of course candy in apothecary jars is always a festive and inexpensive way to decorate…not to mention tasty.




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