How to Make a Terrarium


I don’t know about you but I am ready for spring.  Don’t get me wrong I like winter… I like snow… I like being cozy by the fire…but ENOUGH already!  These last few weeks have been brutal!  It’s been so cold that I don’t want to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. I’m longing for sunny days and flip-flops.  If I’m looking for a bright side, I have had time to work on a bunch of house projects over the last few weeks.  I feel like the house is far from feeling like home…it’s getting there but it’s lacking in decor and furniture for that matter.  Going from an apartment to a house we have rooms that are pretty much sitting empty…but I am having fun filling them up little by little.

This terrarium was quick and easy to put together and I love bringing nature into the house.

You will need:


First, put a layer of rocks into the bowl.

DSC_0855Next, cover the rocks with a layer of charcoal.

DSC_0859Then, cover charcoal with a layer of soil and add your plants.


 I also added some larger rocks I found on the beach and this little buddha I got at a the Jade Market when we went to Hong Kong a couple of years ago.




Daisy approves.



It makes a great addition in our living room.



5 thoughts on “How to Make a Terrarium

  1. i love these! i’ve seen them everywhere and have been meaning to buy one but now i can make one – yay! 😀
    thanks for the DIY! 🙂

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