Valentine’s Day Decor

Valentine's Day DecorCabin fever = lots of time for DIY and craft projects around here.  I’ve been busy with a bunch of projects…the rosette wreath, the love blocks, the conversation hearts, the heart string art (tutorial to come) and a few other non Valentiney projects.

We put these shelves up in the dining room just before Christmas and I’m enjoying changing the decor for each holiday/season.  Here’s the Christmas decor.  Most of the things on the shelves I made or bought in Home Goods and The Christmas Tree Shop (My new fav place!).  I have bookcases down in the basement that I keep home decor that I don’t want to keep out all the time but plan on changing out depending on the season.  It’s like going shopping in my own house!


Here are the shelves…and I’m just going to overload you with pictures now.




vshelf1 vshelf3 vshelf6 vshelf5

Topiaries are all the rage right now…like these and these.  Those are beautiful…but the price is not… so I decided to make my own.  I found the top part of these at Home Goods for $6.99 and painted clay pots that I got at Michael’s for $1.99.  I like that price much better.


And of course candy in apothecary jars is always a festive and inexpensive way to decorate…not to mention tasty.




DIY Valentine Felt Rosette Wreath

DIY Valentine Felt Rosette Wreath

It’s always sad when we take down all of our Christmas decorations, so I’ve been trying to fill the house with Valentine’s Day decor.  I took a trip over to JoAnn’s to get a few supplies last week after I saw this adorable wreath on Pinterest.

To make this wreath you will need:


First, paint the foam wreath so the white won’t show through the felt.


While the paint was drying I traced and cut out felt circles.  I think I used about 80 circles.  Depending on the size of your wreath, you may need more or less.


To make the rosettes, you fold the felt circle in half.


And then fold it in half again.


Then use a pin to attach it to the foam wreath.


Continue attaching rosettes until the entire wreath is covered.

DSC_0786 DSC_0782



I used a piece of ribbon to make a loop to hang the wreath.  I just attached it to the back using a pin.



This felt rosette wreath is super cute and gives a great pop of color in our dining room.  I attached it to a barn wood frame which I’m really loving.  I’ll be posting our dining room shelves tomorrow…they’re all dressed up for Valentine’s Day!



How to Make a Terrarium


I don’t know about you but I am ready for spring.  Don’t get me wrong I like winter… I like snow… I like being cozy by the fire…but ENOUGH already!  These last few weeks have been brutal!  It’s been so cold that I don’t want to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. I’m longing for sunny days and flip-flops.  If I’m looking for a bright side, I have had time to work on a bunch of house projects over the last few weeks.  I feel like the house is far from feeling like home…it’s getting there but it’s lacking in decor and furniture for that matter.  Going from an apartment to a house we have rooms that are pretty much sitting empty…but I am having fun filling them up little by little.

This terrarium was quick and easy to put together and I love bringing nature into the house.

You will need:


First, put a layer of rocks into the bowl.

DSC_0855Next, cover the rocks with a layer of charcoal.

DSC_0859Then, cover charcoal with a layer of soil and add your plants.


 I also added some larger rocks I found on the beach and this little buddha I got at a the Jade Market when we went to Hong Kong a couple of years ago.




Daisy approves.



It makes a great addition in our living room.



My Super Long, Ginormous, May Take Me the Rest of My Life to Complete, To-Do List

I wanted to have a way to keep track of all of my ideas for the house and to see the progress we have made, hence, this post.  I will update here as projects are completed and add the thousands of ideas I am sure to come up with as time goes on.

Front Exterior:

ImageTo Do:

  • Power wash entire exterior of house, driveway, walkways, and deck
  • Paint shutters
  • Paint Front Door
  • Add lighting to walkway Done!
  • Create larger flower beds and plant flowers
  • Figure out a way to hide ugly utility box and wires
  • Figure out a way to pretty up the front porch (bench? rocking chairs?)
  • Repave driveway
  • Possibly one day get rid of the stoop and create a porch across the front of the house



To do:

  • Change handles on coat closet
  • Change switch plate cover for lights
  • Create gallery wall
  • Add corner table
  • Replace floor tiles
  • Paint closet doors and inside closet  Done!
  • Change hardware on closet doors
  • Change light fixture

Living Room:


To Do:

  • Whitewash fireplace Done!
  • Install built-in book cases
  • Window treatment curtains? plantation shutters?
  • Replace switch plates
  • Art for walls
  • Hang TV
  • Furniture (console table, couch (Done!), coffee table (Done!), area rug (Done!), secretary desk)
  • Paint walls and molding Done!
  • Stain and refinish floors Done!
  • Replace baseboard heater Done!
  • Replace ceiling fan Done!
  • Add recessed lighting Done!
  • Get rid of random outlet in the middle of the floor Done!



We would like to eventually gut the kitchen and replace with new everything.  For now, here is the list to gussy her up a little.

To do:

  • Add knobs to cabinets Done!
  • Recover and paint bar stools
  • Replace switch plates Done!
  • Put up artwork

Dining room:

DSC_0353To do:

  • Paint walls and molding Done!
  • Stain and refinish floors Done!
  • Add wainscoting
  • Change light fixtures on wall & ceiling Done!
  • Add shelves Done!
  • Find dining room table & chairs
  • Find another piece of furniture ( buffet (done!), china cabinet?) Not really sure yet.
  • Put up art work



To Do:

  • Get furniture…I’m thinking a bistro set (Done!), a comfy oversized chair for reading (Done!), possibly a love seat?? Not too sure yet.
  • I’d like to put up a gallery wall on the wall opposite the windows… something like this or this.  I have so many great ideas about what I want to include in this!
  • Get a runner so the floors don’t get totally scratched!
  • Paint walls and molding Done!
  • Replace ceiling fans Done!
  • Stain and refinish floors Done!

Guest Bathroom:


To Do:

  • Remove contact paper from back of door Done!
  • Possibly  change the sink to a vanity with double sinks or single sink and storage
  • Hang art Done!
  • Make shower curtain hooks
  • Change switch plates Done!
  • New shower curtain Done!
  • Paint walls Done!
  • New bathmat Done!
  • Buy shelves with baskets for some storage Done!

Master Bedroom:


To Do:

  • Get a bed
  • Get new bedding Done!
  • Get night stands
  • Get dressers
  • Possibly have a built-in window seat?
  • Put in ceiling fan
  • Get closet organizers
  • Get window treatments Done!
  • Get new door
  • Waaaay off in the future, possibly combining master with the yellow room or green room to make a large master suite with walk-in closets and spa bathroom
  • Put up art
  • Paint walls and molding Done!
  • Stain and refinished floor Done!
  • Get new area rug Done!
  • Get a new mattress  Done!

Master Bath: 

Yellow Room ( What we’ve been calling it after it was painted):


We’re not sure what we are going to do with this room.  For now, it has become the “catch all” room.

To Do:

  • Paint walls and moldings Done!
  • Stain and refinish floors Done!
  • Get window treatments Done!
  • Add overhead lighting

Green Room (What we’ve been calling it after it was painted):

For now, this room is serving as Steve’s office.  We’re thinking we might move his office upstairs eventually.

DSC_0362To Do:

  • Paint walls and moldings Done!
  • Stain and refinish floors Done!
  • Get area rug Done!
  • Add overhead lighting
  • Put up artwork



To Do:

  • Paint walls and moldings Done!
  • Stain and refinish floors Done!
  • Change overhead lighting
  • Get runners Done!
  • Change light switch plates
  • Hang art

Guest Room:


To Do:

  • Paint walls
  • Rip up rugs
  • Put down laminate flooring
  • Get furniture (bed, dressers, night stands)
  • Put up window treatment (blinds?, curtains?)
  • Change light fixture
  • Move light switch from hallway into bedroom
  • Change closet door
  • Hang art



To Do:

  • Paint walls
  • Rip up rugs
  • Put down laminate flooring
  • Get furniture (desk)
  • Put up window treatment (blinds?, curtains?)
  • Change light fixture
  • Hang art

Half Bath:


I would love to eventually add a stand up shower to make this a full bath.

To Do:

  • Hang art
  • Get bath mat Done!
  • Change light fixtures
  • Future: Change to full bath by adding stand up shower

Basement: (Finished Side)


  • Rip up carpet (Done!)
  • Put down laminate floor (Done!)
  • Paint walls
  • Put up planked wall ( Like this)
  • Do something about the drop ceiling and lighting…not sure what yet
  • Get furniture (Partially done)
  • Get area rug
  • Put up artwork

Basement: (Unfinished/Laundry Room)


  • Paint floor
  • Create laundry/folding station
  • Storage shelves
  • Add slop sink
  • Add lighting

Basement: (Workshop)


I know it doesn’t look like much but this is one of my favorite places in the house…my craft/art/studio/workshop.

  • Add lighting
  • Paint floor
  • Paint pegboard
  • Storage/organization for supplies (Like this, this, this, or this)



  • Paint floor
  • Add lighting
  • Replace garage doors
  • Add shelves/organization
  • Create Mudroom Bench/Storage ( Like this)

Exterior (Back):


  • Power wash
  • Seal deck
  • Get furniture

I’m not even going to get into all the outside stuff we want to do…I’ll save that for another post.









I think I probably haven’t mentioned half of the things that I’m thinking because there’s just so much to do/think about.  We’ve been in the house about 4 months now and little by little we are crossing stuff off the list.  I’m going to start posting progress photos of some of the rooms soon…I promise.



DIY Valentine Decor {Conversation Hearts}

DIY Valentine Decor {Conversation Hearts}

These personalized conversation hearts are super cute and really simple to make.  I found these wooden hearts at Michael’s.  I used some acrylic paint that I already had to paint them to look like the candy hearts that I loved so much as a kid.  I got a bag of these candies the other day…the messages have changed a lot since I was a kid.  Instead of Hug Me and Love…they say Text Me and LOL…times have changed.

DSC_0732 DSC_0733


After the paint was dry, I wrote our names using a Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pen.

DSC_0708 DSC_0706

I then used some ribbon that I had and made a loop on the top heart.  I attached it using my staple gun.

DSC_0709 DSC_0711

I then cut 4 pieces of ribbon about 4 inches in length.  I attached these to the back of the hearts with the staple gun.


Here’s the finished product hanging on the wall in between our kitchen and dining room.


The loop on top hides the thumbtack I used to hang it.DSC_0702



Valentine Decor DIY {Love Blocks}

I’ve been a little MIA the last few weeks but we’ve got a bunch of projects in the works and we dechrismafied the house this weekend. It’s always sad taking the tree down…it looks so empty in here. 😦 So now it’s on to some Valentine’s Day projects.

Valentine Decor DIY {Love Blocks}

These were easy to make and I love how personalized they are with the photos of us.

I ordered these wooden blocks from and just painted them using some acrylic paint I already had.


I then cut some pieces of scrapbook paper to the size of the block and used Mod Podge to attach the paper to two opposite sides of the blocks.  I had printed my photos in sepia and then cut them to fit the size of the blocks and used the Mod Podge to attach them.


After the Mod Podge had dried, I rubbed some distress ink along the edges of the blocks to give it a little bit of an aged look.


I printed out my letters and used the second technique from this post to get the lettering onto the blocks.


That’s it! Simple, easy, personalized, DIY decor!


DSC_0721 DSC_0726



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