DIY Christmas Wooden Signs

I’ve seen lots of different approaches to DIY wooden signs and how to do the lettering…like this, this, or this.   I had a few Christmas projects I wanted to make, so this was the perfect opportunity to test out which method worked best.

Project #1: Peace on Earth Birch 


For this project, I bought the cut birch piece at Michael’s.  I printed the mirror image of the text and taped it to the center of the birch.

DSC_0637 DSC_0638 DSC_0639

Next, I used a paintbrush to completely wet the paper.


I then used the top of a Sharpie to rub over the text.


The lettering partially came off onto the birch but it was extremely light.  I had to go over the lettering with a thin Sharpie and then just hand drew the leaves on either side.


Project #2: Joy Wooden Sign

joysignFor this project, I painted and sanded the sign I bought at Michael’s before adding the red lettering.

I printed out the letters normally from my printer and then rubbed pencil over the back of the letters.


I then taped the letters onto the sign and traced over the outside of each letter.



Once you remove the tape you should have a nice outline of each letter.


I then used some acrylic paint to fill in the letters.


Overall, I liked the second method better.  It was quick, easy, no mess, and the letters came out darker than the water and paintbrush method.

Anyone have experience with DIY signs?  What method do you prefer for your lettering?

Seasons greetings,



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