Beach Glass, Contact Paper, & Carpet…oh my

We had another busy and productive weekend filled with birthdays, beach glass, football, and good friends.  We also fit in some house stuff.  Saturday morning we spend doing some projects around here.  I started sanding the buffet we scored at a garage sale last weekend and finished a Thanksgiving project I’ll be posting tomorrow. Saturday evening we headed into the city for a friend’s birthday party. Sunday morning we headed to the beach at the end of our block with Daisy.




We found some pretty cool beach glass.  Steve spotted some pretty great pieces.  I’ll have to start a collection jar for our sea treasures.


 Like last week, this weeks chalkboard message sticks with the Thanksgiving theme.


The back of the door in our guest bathroom had lime green contact paper on it.  It doesn’t match the color we painted the bathroom at all!  It has annoyed me since we moved in, so last night I ripped it all down.  There are a few holes in the door, so I’ll have to fill them in and then paint it.



It’s already looking better…even with the holes and the pealed paint…I’m just happy to be rid of the lime green!


Another thing we ripped up was the carpeting on the basement stairs.  The whole basement had this really old blue carpet that didn’t smell the greatest.


We ripped it all up when we first moved in…except for the stairs.  Last night Steve finally got rid of the rest of it.DSC_0913

 The stairs underneath are not in the best shape, so we’re not quite sure what we’re going to do with them.  I would love to do something like this with dark treads and white risers. We still have some staples to take out.  And for some reason there are nails coming through that have split the wood in some spots.


Slowly but surely we’re making progress.  I have a million half-finished projects going on…I’m not someone who can work on one thing at a time.



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