DIY Vintage Switch Plate Covers

DIY Vintage Switchplates

Anthropologie has these amazing switch plate covers.  I love them and decided to make my own.  I ordered these switch plates from Amazon.  They were already antiqued but I didn’t want the antique white color which was more of a cream than a white.  Plus, I wanted to add a little blue and green to them since everything in my kitchen is white.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

  • switchplate
  • drop cloth
  • white spray paint
  • sandpaper
  • acrylic paint
  • paintbrush
  • clear acrylic sealer

Here’s what they looked like before


You can use any type of spray paint that you want.  I decided to play around with the aqua spray paint that I already had but you can use just the white.


A neat trick I saw on Pinterest for painting only the tops of screws is to stick them into a piece of cardboard or the top of a shoe box.


Lay out your backdrop and place your switch plates onto a piece of cardboard. I’ve got plenty from all the boxes that are still everywhere!


Next, spray each switch plate with white spray paint.  You may need 2 coats depending on the coverage you’re looking for.  The good thing about vintage is it doesn’t have to be perfect.


After the spray paint was dry, I  sprayed a little of the aqua spray paint onto the screws and the switch plates.



Next, I used some acrylic paint I already had to add some color to the switch plates.   Again, don’t worry about them being perfect…you can’t mess this up.  If you’re not happy with them you can always go back and spray paint them white again.



After letting the paint dry, I sanded the switch plates.  Some of the metal and the white paint underneath should be showing.

Switchplate collage

I then whitewashed the switch plates by mixing white acrylic paint with water.  I let it dry and decided I wanted them to be a little more white, so I whitewashed them again and let them dry.

After the second coat of whitewash, I sprayed them with a clear spray to seal them.

Here’s what I used but any clear varnish will work.


And that’s it…DIY switch plates!


Happy creating,


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