All You Need is Love…and a Dog.

Steve and I moved into an apartment in Brooklyn in October 2007.  I grew up with dogs…and cats…and birds…and turtles…and snakes…and hamsters…and lizards…basically any animals I could talk my mom into letting me have, I had.  Steve on the other hand never had any pets growing up.  In April 2008, we decided we were going to get a dog.  Actually it went more like this… We were walking on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and I said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we were walking our dog here?” Steve agreed that it would be pretty cool and I immediately jumped on the opportunity.  And when I say immediately, I mean I took out my phone and googled local shelters that second.  We decided to go to the Animal Care and Control in Staten Island.  When we walked in there were two rows of pens and lots of barking and excited dogs.  When I walked in, I looked into the first cage and there was a little tan and white pit bull laying in the back.  She looked up at me with these sad eyes.  I put my hand up to the cage and she slowly got up and walked over and licked my hand.  She then turned right back around and walked back to her bed and laid down.  I immediately knew this was my dog.  I continued walking through and looked at all the other dogs.  I wish I could have taken them all.  We asked to see the first dog and the woman took her out and we brought her outside.  She was so happy to be outside playing in the grass.  I looked at Steve and said we had to get her!   He agreed and so we filled out the adoption papers that day.  We were so happy to hear we were approved for the adoption! They kept her another day to spay her and then we were able to pick her up. She was estimated to be about 8 months old at the time.  Daisy is now 6 years old and the love of our lives! I have an obsession with my dog…I just can’t help it.  I even named my blog after her…I’m that obsessed.  And now I’m just going to overload you with Daisy pics…because she’s just that adorable.


She thinks she’s a lap dog!



Daisy’s First Snow



Daisy’s First Time at the Beach in Coney Island2320_74395983184_6259_n

At the Apartment in Brooklyn


Swimming Upstate




Playing in the Snow in Vermont167571_10150135442728185_6840176_n





I know the stereotype that pit bulls have but I honestly will probably never have another type of dog.  So many great dogs are put down because of their breed.  Shelters are filled with awesome dogs looking for a home.  If you’re looking for a fur baby, please check out your local animal shelters or online rescue sights.  In the NYC/Long Island area you can check out:

Your best friend is waiting.

Peace, love, and pit bulls,


6 thoughts on “All You Need is Love…and a Dog.

  1. I love her! She is so cute and yes pitbulls are very underestimated.
    I have an obsession with all my pets too. Animals make life worth living <33

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