Man vs. Ivy

DSC_0618We have a lot of ivy on the property….a lot!  One of the first things we wanted to do was get the ivy off of the house, patio, and deck because it can cause a lot of damage.  The ivy was growing up the side of the house and under the siding. It actually cracked the siding in some spots. There was even some ivy I saw coming into the basement through the windows.  Bad news!  Steve got right to work ripping it out by the patio.  This stuff is crazy hard to get rid of because it breaks apart in little sections and has these little roots that look almost like fingers that stick to everything.  It also has some really thick roots that grow very deep into the ground.





 Some of the roots were thicker than our garden hose!


Getting rid of this stuff was an epic battle.DSC_0600


And I mean epic…


Steve pulled all the ivy out of the patio area.  It looks much better now.  We’re going to have to figure out some type of spray, preferable something organic, to keep this stuff from growing back.




We still have to do the other side of the fence and under the deck.  There’s also other areas on the property where the ivy has taken over.


Anybody else have issues with ivy? Any tips on getting rid of it?



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