Happy Fall

We are slowly and I mean sloooowly digging our way out from underneath the boxes.  It’s actually starting to look like we live here!  One of my favorite things is decorating for holidays so I decided to do a little autumn decorating in the front of the house.   I went to our local nursery and got a few mums, some pumpkins, and a few hay bales.  I also found a really cute scarecrow at Home Depot.  I tried a couple of different arrangements and was finally satisfied with this one.

Fall Decor Collage

Super cute and easy! I love fall colors.  These gorgeous hydrangeas are right in front of our stoop.  I’m going to cut a few and dry them to put in the dining room.


I also found a few other things to jazz up the front of the house.

I got this monogramed doormat on Amazon.


I hung this seashore themed wreath that I already had in our old apartment.


I got these solar lights on Amazon to provide a little light for the walkway.

Solar Light Collage

No Address

And that’s it…just a few simple things to make this house feel like home. 🙂

xoxo, Geralyn

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