Baby Girl’s Nursery


I just completed our second baby’s nursery.  My son’s nursery had a nautical theme.  This time the nursery doesn’t have a specific theme per say , it’s more of a certain vibe/feel.  I like to call it whimsical woodland with a taste of boho…if that’s even a thing lol.  I knew right away when I found out we were having a girl that I wanted the main color of the room to be purple.  I decided to do different shades of purple with a secondary color of mint green and touches of gold.  After deciding on colors I started searching on Etsy for different fabrics that I would use for the overall inspiration of the room as well as different paint colors that I planned to use for different elements in the room.


I found this set of fabrics called Morning Song by Cloud9 Fabrics which was perfect for the look I was going for.

One of the first projects I did was this dresser.  I found it on Craigslist.  I used Benjamin Moore Forget Me Not on the dresser.IMG_3247



I spray painted all the hardware bronze.



For the inside of the drawers, I wanted to do some kind of liner.  I decided to create a quilt pattern (because I adore quilts!) using scrapbook paper and then used a spray adhesive and Mod Podge to attach it to the inside of the drawers.



I love a gallery wall.  I’ve created them in almost every room of our house as you can see here and here .  IMG_4029

For this gallery wall I painted some water color flowers in different shades of purple and had a quote printed from one of my favorite Elton John songs on Etsy.  The quote is gold leaf to bring that bit of gold that I wanted to include in the room.  I changed the quote a little from the original “How wonderful life is while you’re in the world” so it makes a little more sense for a nursery.


One of the other projects that I made for the gallery wall is the flower initial.  For this project I cut out the letter from a large cardboard box.  I got the flowers from Michael’s  and Jo-ann Fabric.  I took the leaves and flowers and placed them on the cardboard to see where I wanted them to go before hot gluing them.  After I was happy with the placement I hot glued everything and then went back and glued more flowers in any places that looked bare.


The other items for the gallery wall were very simple to make.  The feather cutout came unfinished from Zulily and I painted it and used gold letters I got from Michael’s to write the quote “Don’t just fly, soar”.  I got the doilies from Jo-ann Fabric and framed them along with a piece of scrapbook paper.  The fabric is in different size embroidery hoops.  The mounted butterflies are just wood circles that came unfinished. I painted them and then used a hot glue gun to attach the butterflies.

Above the crib, I made these dream catchers from doilies and lace  I found at different stores.  I used neutral color ribbon to wrap macrame hoops.  I used left over ribbon, wooden beads, and feathers that I had to make the dream father’s tail.  I found the driftwood at Homegoods.




On the other wall next to the crib, I made two kites using the leftover fabric I had.


These kites are no sew so anyone can make them.  I cut the fabric into small squares to make a quilt pattern and used fabric glue to attach them. The kite tails are made from paper wrapped floral wire.




The built-in shelves were already in the room when we bought the house.  I love the storage and space they provide.



I found all the little gold animals at different stores and on Amazon.  They were originally different colors but I spray painted them all the same gold color.

The fabric flowers were easy to make. I followed this tutorial I found on Pinterest.


This jewelry box was originally unfinished wood that I painted and then decoupaged.

This mobile is hanging above the changing table right by the window.  When the sun is setting and hits the crystals it creates hundreds of rainbows all over the room.


I used a metal wreath ring for the top of the mobile and then attached the strings of clear crystal beads that I had already strung.  I used my hot glue gun to attach the flowers to the ring and then tied purple ribbon to the ring that I used to hang the mobile.









Playroom Reveal

We recently remodeled the basement and created a space for a playroom for our son and daughter who will be arriving in June.  I had looked at different pictures of playrooms online and on Pinterest and had a good idea of certain elements I wanted to include in the room.  I also wanted to have some sort of organizational system to attempt to keep the room organized (we’ll see how long that lasts!)  I also wanted to leave room to add different elements as the kids grow such as a kitchen, work bench, train/lego table, and a dress up area.

One of the areas I wanted to include was a reading corner.  I wanted to make it cozy and inviting with access to a lot of books.  I got this teepee and rug on Etsy.  The sheepskin rugs inside the teepee are from Amazon.  I also saw them at Ikea.  The bookshelves are from Etsy.  They came in a natural wood color and I painted them white. All of the pillows are from IKEA, Amazon, and Target.



I made the felt ball garland that is on the teepee.  I ordered the felt balls from Amazon and just strung them together.


The prints in the frames are from Etsy and the frames are from Amazon.

Here’s a tip for when you’re hanging more than one object on the wall. Trace the frames onto paper and cut them out and then tape them on the wall to see how you like the placement.  This saves you from drilling unnecessary holes in the wall if you don’t like the original placement.


I made the alphabet banner using index cards and alphabet stickers I got from Michaels.  I got mini clothespins from Amazon to attach the index cards to the rope.


I made this garland using paint chips so it was very inexpensive to make.


I had different size circle punches that I used and just glued them to the crochet thread.

The other major area of the playroom is the are center.  I wanted a place where the kids would be able to create art and have a place to display it.  After searching Pinterest, I decided a gallery wall would be the best way to display their artwork.


I got most of the wood frames at Michaels and painted them different colors. I also glued clothes pins onto the frames so I could easily display artwork and it could be changed easily.


For the two clothespin displays, I painted some wood that I had white and glued colorful clothespins to it.IMG_2695

I also created some of my own art to add to the gallery wall.


This pencil is from Etsy.


When hanging a gallery wall, especially one with so many elements, using my paper trick is a BIG help.  I am always moving different things until I am happy with the placement of everything.


Another trick I use is to put these velcro tabs on the back of each object after they are level so that they don’t move.


I left space on the right to hang baby girl’s name after she is born.


The wall decals that say Masterpieces and Collin’s name are also from Etsy. The chalk/magnet board is also from Etsy.


The table and chairs are KidKraft and the rug under the table is from


I made this rag valance using material from the Hello Bear fabric collection which I got on Etsy.




The world map is a decal from The Lovely Wall on Etsy.

The blue felt board to the left of the TV is from Amazon.  The storage shelves are from IKEA and the colored bins are from Target.IMG_2716

The rug in the middle of the room is from Land of Nod.


One of the other great things about the playroom is the walk-in closet for toy storage.


I created labels for all of the bins in an attempt to stay organized.


Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Imagine, play, create,




Basement Remodel

Our basement was partially finished when we moved in.  The other half of the basement had a laundry area, a storage area, and a workshop.


Right after we moved in we pulled up the old carpet in the finished half of the basement and had laminate flooring put down. And then this spring we went on vacation and a pipe broke and we came home to a flooded basement.  All of the flooring had to be thrown out and the drywall had to be cut where it got wet.  After a week of some heavy-duty fans, the basement was dry.

We decided we were going to redo the entire basement and add some additional rooms.  I wanted a playroom for our son and since we have another baby on the way we need some extra room.  Currently my husband’s office is upstairs next to our bedroom.  I want to make that room the nursery for the new baby so we decided to add an office as well as a guest room in the basement.

So the plan for the basement was to add a playroom, office, guest bedroom, half bathroom, laundry room, and to keep the workshop as is.

In the playroom, we decided to take out the two poles in the middle of the room.  In order to do that, a steel beam had to be custom-made and installed since the poles were load bearing.  We also decided to add a walk-in closet to hopefully try to keep toys organized.  The other major thing we did in the playroom was move the stair case back.  Originally, you couldn’t make it down the stairs if you are tall without ducking.  The first time we looked at the house my husband hit his head going down the stairs.

IMG_2222                                       IMG_2174




On the other side of the basement that was originally unfinished, we added three new rooms plus a laundry area.  An office, guest bedroom, and half bathroom were all added.


IMG_2180   IMG_2223

IMG_2176 IMG_2177 IMG_2178

Once all the rooms were framed and sheet rocked, we needed to choose paint colors.  I always find this to be difficult.  I usually know what color family I want for a room but once you start looking at all the samples it’s so hard to pick the exact color you like.  Is this too dark?  Is this too green?  Am I going to hate this once it’s on the wall?  You know how it goes.  These are the colors we finally decided on.  They are all Benjamin Moore.

Playroom – Bird’s Egg

Bathroom- Ocean Spray

Guest Bedroom – Sage Tint

Office – Ashen Tan

Hallway & Laundry Area – Sidewalk Gray

IMG_2192 IMG_2200


IMG_2296IMG_2297 IMG_2300

IMG_2302 IMG_2303


For the floor in the bathroom we chose tiles that look like wood flooring and the other rooms were all done in a dark walnut laminate floor. We decided to carpet the stairs so it wouldn’t be so noisy when people were walking up and down.

IMG_2253 12508768_817869581672687_3540624098428056830_n 10862_817910771668568_7608619601403529984_n 12549015_818871744905804_4533454213564708223_n

It took about 5 weeks but it’s finally finished!





IMG_2480 IMG_2479 IMG_2475 IMG_2478 IMG_2477 IMG_2476






Guest Bedroom




IMG_2484 IMG_2485



Laundry Area


DSC_0380 DSC_0379


IMG_2487 IMG_2488 IMG_2489 IMG_2486



Now that construction is finished it’s time for my favorite part….Decorating!  Stay tuned for the final basement reveal.







Baby #2

We found out in October that we’re expecting baby #2!  This baby is due in June and Collin will be 20 months old when the baby gets here.  IMG_1840


We found out the gender of the baby the day before Christmas Eve and decided to share with our family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


We’re very excited to be adding a little girl to our family!



Nautical Nursery

This post is long overdue since my son is now 14 months old but I’d thought I’d share some photos of his nautical inspired nursery.  I love how it turned out and had so much fun making things and finding things that would be perfect for the room.

nautical nursery

As soon as we found out we were having a boy, I knew I wanted to do a nautical theme in his nursery.  Homegoods  had a ton of great nautical stuff that I found right before the summer.

I found the crib bedding on Etsy and the curtains are from Pottery Barn Kids.


I also did a bunch of DIY projects.  I had an old dresser that I bought from Ikea years ago and decided it would make a great changing table/dresser but needed a little make over.  I used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint for this project. I painted the entire dresser using Paris Gray and then used painters tape to add the navy lines.


Another project was the mobile.  I decided to sew felt shapes to go along with the nautical theme.  I do not sew.  Ever. So anyone can do this project.  First, I printed out the shapes that I wanted and cut them out of felt.  Make sure you cut out two of each shape for each piece because you will be stuffing them with cotton. IMG_5172

After the shapes are cut out, I started sewing the shapes closed with needle point yarn.  I wanted to be able to see the stitches. And they are definitely not perfect but I like the way they turned out.  Before you stitch all the way around, stuff the shape with cotton batting. You can get the batting at any craft store.

I used fabric glue to glue on the detail pieces.


I then threaded the shapes along with some pom poms onto a long piece of yarn and attached each one onto a craft ring.

The next thing I made for the nursery were nautical flags that spell out Collin’s name.  I went to this website to see the nautical alphabet.  I then painted each wood block with the appropriate flag.


The decal over the crib is from Etsy.

I wanted to make a gallery wall over the dresser so I made a few pieces to add to the pieces I found at Homegoods.

Once all my pieces were complete, I traced each one on scrap paper and cut them out.  I used the paper to plan out my gallery wall before I hung anything.  It’s much easier to move paper taped to the wall and saves a lot of unnecessary holes in your wall.


These three pictures were done by my step-father who passed away 7 years ago.  He had Parkinson’s and still continued to paint until the end.  I found these when I was going through some of his painting and thought they would be perfect for the nursery.


I really love the personal touches and how everything came together.









Easter Egg Ornaments


I have this “tree” I keep in my dining room.  I started decorating it for holidays last year.  I did Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.  Then I got pregnant and I was exhausted so I pretty much stopped doing everything except sleeping and eating.  So now that my little boy is here, I am able to craft again while he naps. Yay!   These polymer clay Easter Egg ornaments were super easy to make and came out really cute.


polymer clay

-egg shaped cookie cutters


-acrylic paint

-rolling pin


mod podge


First, you roll out your clay using a rolling-pin just as you would cookie dough.  Use the cookie cutters to make your desired shapes.


Once you’ve cut out all of your shapes, you can use the stamps to add some texture to the clay.  Next, bake the clay in the oven for 12-15 minutes at 250 degrees.  Once the clay has cooled you can begin painting.  I painted a base color on each egg and then went back after it was dry and added some other colorful designs to each egg.


After the paint is totally dry, use the Mod Podge to seal it.  Then just tie the string and hang.



Happy spring!


Painted Easter Egg Rocks


I had collected a bunch of rocks from the beach a while ago for some craft that I never got around to doing. I found them in my craft room recently and thought they were perfect to make these painted Easter Eggs for the centerpiece on my dining room table.



-acrylic paint

-Mod Podge

1. Clean rocks with a damp paper towel to remove any dirt or sand.

2. Use acrylic paint to paint the rocks a pastel base color.  I put two coats of paint on mine.


3. Next, I painted different designs on the rocks using different color acrylic paints.


4. Once the paint is dry, coat with Mod Podge to seal the rocks.

IMG_7612 IMG_7611 IMG_7610 IMG_7607 IMG_7605

Peace, love, & craftiness,